Young Health Programme India

Founded in partnership with John Hopkins School of Public Health and Plan International, AstraZeneca introduced its global community initiative ‘the Young Health Programme’ (YHP) in the year 2010-11 in 5 marginalised communities in Delhi.

YHP focuses on prevention of NCD’s during adolescence by risk behaviours such as tobacco use, alcohol abuse and unhealthy eating through on-ground programmes, research and evidence generation and advocacy. In 2015, we expanded the programme to 5 additional marginalised communities in North West Delhi. YHP has directly impacted more than 3,50,000 young people and has influenced community members, including health professionals , educators and policy makers.  Close to 3000 young people have been trained to be educators in their local communities.15 Health Information Centers are providing preventive and promotive health and counselling services and special health clinics for adolescents have been initiated across these project communities.

YHP was recognized as a ‘Corporate CSR – Best Practice’ at the National Human Resources Development (NHRD) Conference held in Bangalore in 2016.

YHP India is funded and supported by AstraZeneca global. The Company’s contribution to YHP India include employee engagement and disease awareness initiatives in the communities. Young Health Programme is AstraZeneca’s global community investment programme and is designed to help young people in need around the world deal with the health issues they face and improve their chances for a better life in the future.